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Dr. Murphy gave a talk at the American Occupational Therapy Association conference.

Dr. Khanna and the research team at the National Scleroderma Foundation conference.

Dr. Chen presented her research findings at the National Scleroderma Foundation conference.


Huge thanks to Sheri and Mary for their continued contributions and support for our Center and Scleroderma Program. Working with you both always brightens our day!

Congratulations to Dr. Murphy and Co-I Dr. Khanna on this Innovative Research Award for testing a web-based intervention for Scleroderma, the RENEW project.

Congratulations to Dr. Murphy for being recognized as a Fellow of the American Occupational Therapy Association!

Our patient partner, Michael Bessert, received the Support Group Volunteer of the Year Award! This award truly reflects Michael’s endless effort and incredible dedication to the scleroderma community. We are so proud of you, Michael!

Research moments

Exergaming in people with scleroderma

Virtual rehabilitation session

Virtual focus group explored cognitive difficulties in people with scleroderma.

RENEW virtual health coaching session. Left, Health Coach, Mary. Right, RENEW participant, Nadia.

We worked with a group of OT students from Eastern Michigan University, engineers, and scleroderma patient partners on exergaming prototypes.

In-person OT sessions

Sonography with a patient with scleroderma

Fun Times!

Scleroderma Backers virtual event - Christmas celebration

Fun dining with our fantastic RENEW health coaches, Mary, Sheri, and Adam!

Thinking about research in front of the Detroit Institute of Arts!

Group adventure at Bronner's

Scleroderma Backers virtual event - Listening to Carole Dodge, OT, Certified Hand Therapist on the topic of hands and general mobility issues in scleroderma.

Carole Dodge, OT, Certified Hand Therapist

Fall activity in Michigan - Cider mill

The group's first time dining in the rain (with a beautiful rainbow in the back).

Scleroderma Backers virtual event - Halloween; Dr. David Roofeh & Dr. Alain Lescoat speak about scleroderma and COVID/vaccines.

Lunch gathering with our postdoc fellows, Duygu, Yen, Tom, and Nick

Exploring Grosse Ile Island, MI

Scleroderma Backers virtual event - St. Patrick celebration!

Scleroderma Backers virtual event - drumming up some fun with a wonderful music therapist, Shauna Rupert

Celebrating postdoc fellow, Duygu's first baby shower with Drs. Anna Kratz, Susan Murphy, and Claire Kalpakjian