Allows individuals with scleroderma to set goals, track health behaviors, and receive feedback about goal progress to manage the symptoms of their condition. 

RENEW website

Contains all information from the RENEW App and has downloadable resource documents to set goals, and track progress. 

A podcast discussing Dr. Susan Murphy's research and advocacy in Scleroderma Program 

In this episode, Ann Mogilevsky, a podcast creator and host of Mogil's Mobcast talks with Dr. Susan Murphy and Mary Alore, our Peer Mentor and RENEW Health Coach. The discussion includes different programs being implemented at the university, such as the Scleroderma Peer Mentor Program, the Scleroderma Backers, and some of the research the university is doing. Please click here to listen.

Scleroderma Program

The Scleroderma Program, directed by Dinesh Khanna, MD, MSc and John Varga, MD, together with a group of experts, examines the causes and mechanisms of scleroderma in order to develop better, targeted treatment options and to improve the quality of life for people with scleroderma. Please click here to learn more.

Scleroderma Backers Support Group

A group of scleroderma patients from Michigan Medicine offering community support for other scleroderma patients all over the world! Please click here to join us.