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About Us

Through our interactions with the University of Michigan’s Scleroderma program as researchers, healthcare providers, and individuals with scleroderma, we recognize the need to assist and support individuals with scleroderma after the diagnosis. Navigating the post-diagnosis phase can be overwhelming, with uncertainties about where to start, whom to trust, and how to understand all the scleroderma-related information.

To address the need for meaningful and relevant content about scleroderma from trustworthy sources, our team developed the Scleroderma Toolkit with funding from the Rheumatology Research Foundation (Lawren H. Daltroy Preceptorship in Health Communication). 

The primary goal of the Scleroderma Toolkit is to help individuals in their scleroderma journey by providing or directing them to reliable information and resources about the disease. Although the Toolkit is specifically designed for those recently diagnosed with scleroderma, it is a valuable resource for anyone with the disease or their family and friends.

Our Team: Abigail Fallon, OTD; Alexandra E. Harper, PhD, OTR/L, CPHQ; Mary Alore, MBA; Yen T. Chen, PhD; Shannen Bolde, MPH; Elizabeth Haro, MPH; Susan L. Murphy, ScD, OTR.

We would also like to acknowledge support from the University of Michigan Scleroderma program and collaborators, particularly Dinesh Khanna, MD, Erica Mulcaire-Jones, MD, Alain Lescoat, MD, Diane Stolp Andres, Michael Bessert, Perry Bray, Elizabeth Copeland, Glen Copeland, Anne Frederick, Denise Haddock, James Hicks, Sheri Hicks, Sheri Holt, Stephanie Hotz, Pauline Hulbert, Camille Novachek, Adam Pape, Ni Peterson, Nadia Vann, and Kim Woods. To learn more about our team, visit the TRACC-R Center page.