Mental Health

Mental Health Matters

Remember, no one needs to travel their healthcare journey alone. 

Any diagnosis can be overwhelming. Many other individuals are also living with scleroderma and share the same feelings. 

Contact your physician for additional support. If you're struggling with a health condition, it can be helpful to seek out support from others who have gone through similar experiences. You may want to consider joining a support group, finding a mentor, or connecting with patient advocacy organizations that can offer guidance and resources.

Skin and face changes

Changes to your face and skin may be distressing and stigmatizing, making it difficult to recognize yourself.

Physical Limitations

You may experience physical and mental fatigue, which hinders daily tasks.

Social life roles 

Struggling in everyday roles (working, being a mom, dad, husband, and wife) and a decreased independence. 

Navigating the uncertainty of your diagnosis 

Navigating the unpredictable path of an illness can be a challenging and daunting task.

Feeling alone and misunderstood

Many people suffer from illnesses that are not visible to others. This can make it difficult for them to seek support from others.

Gradual acceptance relative optimism

Adapting to change and accepting limitations, taking a positive spin, cautious hoping, empowering relationships, and valuing medical support.